All the children would like to thank their sponsors for their continued support. Without you the school would not function so thank you so much. The children are really enjoying getting your letters and gifts so please continue to write as this is a real encouragement to them. Thank you again to everyone.


Thank you to all those of you that donate monthly or regularly to the general school fund. Your help is invaluable and we hope that this website has helped you see what your money goes towards. Thank you.

Wimborne Junior School and St Peters Church, Southsea, Hants

Thank you so much to Wimborne Junior School and St Peters Church in Southsea, Hants. They have donated 80 school tables and over 100 chairs to go with them. These have made a massive difference to our children who were previously using old wooden benches. Thank you!
(Pic left, chairs in England, pic right, chairs ready to be used at school)

Other Donators

It would be impossible to list everyone who has ever given anything to the school over the past few years. From footballs to calculators, from solar ovens to tables, from medicines to exercise books and from painting to building us cupboards there have been so many different people who have helped us get to where we are today and we would like to thank you all so much for everything. If you have ever done anything for us or donated anything to our school a massive big thank you.

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