New applicants

Visiting the compounds of new applicants has been taking place. Emmanuel (our headmaster) and Alieu (our school administrator) visited 44 families – 8 were disqualified because they could afford to send their children to other private schools. Families of up to six people living in a single room with no carpet or tiles on the floor and families who have been evicted from rented property because they could not pay and had to be sheltered by some kind-hearted relatives or neighbours were visited. Seedlings really makes a difference to the lives of the poorest.

Visits from the department of education

In March, the Cluster Monitor, Mr Jarju came on an unannounced classroom observation in which he observed three classrooms of his choice. He found all the teachers well prepared and their schemes of work, lesson plans and attendance registers all intact and up- to-date. He was very impressed by what he saw and encouraged us to keep up the good work. However, he commented on the need for more learning aids.

The Ministry of Education have been to check on how far we have gone in trying to get our own land or ensuring all classrooms provide a suitable space for learning. Land within Manjai is very expensive and plans for alterations to the classrooms were shared – the Ministry were pleased with these plans. Work has begun to ensure classrooms are more uniform in size. The current layout of the building means some classrooms are very large and others too small. The building work will ensure all rooms are fit for purpose – thanks to Esther Clifton our trustee ‘on site’ for ensuring all the necessary plans have been drawn up and for overseeing the work. We have received some initial photographs of the work started with walls being demolished and we look forward to sharing the project update at the start of the new term.


As part of a national immunisation campaign against measles and rubella in The Gambia targeting children aged between one and forteen years, the Serekunda Health Centre sent a team of public health officers to the school to vaccinate our children. Thank you to the health clinic who continue to work closely with the school and charity.

School garden

The school garden is doing well with vegetables like onions, sorrel and okra growing thanks to being careful tendered by Omar and Paul.

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