Another way of helping is in the very practical things. There are so many different aspects to running a school and things that need funding. Please take a look below at the different things that we pay out for and are essential at Seedlings School. If you would like to help with any of them, and every little really does help, please contact Geoff on 01237 421137 or email [email protected]


We have discovered that having interent at the school is a must and I am sure you are aware, a very importnat way of communicating. We now have internet at school in the form of a dongle but are still looking for help in paying for it. The monthly cost is approximatly £10 (depending on exchange rate)


A percentage of the sponsor money for each child goes toward ensuring that that child has some food everyday they are at school. However, we currently don't have enough sponsors to cover the total outlay for this. Every day school is open every student is given half a tapalapa (like a heavy baguette) with butter or mayonaise and a cup of hot tea. Ensuring our students are fed is very important to us. A lot of our students are from very poor families and often don't eat in the morning, having only a bowl of rice and sauce after school. We all know how imporant food is for concentration and this is why it is important to us that we feed our students. Currently £200 a month is sent out to cover the cost of this food programme. If you would like to help in anyway towards this payment, no matter how small, know that you will be making a big difference to these children.


I'm sure you can apprecate with any child or in any school, having basic first aid is a must. The sad thing is that in Gambia there is very little medical care available, especailly at a cost affordable to the needy. There is no NHS! Therefore having basic first aid and pain killers available in school is something we feel is very important. The children are very prone to small cuts and gnashes as many play outside without shoes on. They spend a good deal of their time playing out on the street which obviously raises the chances of accidents and as there are no bins, falling on glass or other rubbish is also a big risk. If you would like to help us keep our medicine/first aid cupboard well stocked with plasters, bandages, anticeptic, children's paracetamol and pain killers then any amount you would like to donate would be greatly appreciated. Please also contact Geoff if you would like to purchase anything for our cupboard from here ready to send over on the container.

Text Books

It is Gambian Education Authority recommendation that each student has their own text book to read from for each subject. We are trying to build up our stock of text books but as I'm sure you can appreciate this is a very expenisve task with over 110 students studying bewtween 3 and 5 subjects each. Each text book costs approximatly £4 so we are buying them a few at a time as and when we can. This is an ongoing cost as these books obviously don't last forever and soon need replacing.

Exercise Books

Believe it or not, exercise books are one of our biggest outgoings. Each child needs an exercise book for each subject which means... a lot of exercise books over a year! Would you like to help with this very practical massive outlay? The teachers also need exercise books for their planning and the office need them for their records as well. If you would prefer to buy some here and send them over on the container that is also possible. A5 are needed for the students and A4 exercise books for the teachers. Lined and stapled, NOT spiral bound.

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