Emmanuel Gomez - Headmaster

Emmanuel was born and grew up in New Jeshwang, The Gambia. He has 3 blood brothers and 1 blood sister.

He studied at the Gambia College, School of Education and hopes to further his studies in the future to achieve a higher qualification.

Emmanuel is married and has a daughter.

Emmanuel is a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, he is an intercessor and teacher of the word and enjoys Bible studies. He loves new challanges, experiences and travelling and enjoys playing indoor games (e.g drafts and scrabble) and musicial instruments (e.g drums and piano). He also enjoys watching football and is a Chelsea fan.

Alieu Jallow - Administrator

Alieu was born and grew up in Busuranding Village, about 5km north of Brikama. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Alieu is very hard working, kind and helpful. He loves working with children, playing and laughing together with them. He wants to excel at being a responsible person who helps the poor and needy.

Eventually Alieu would like to get married and have children of his own and live a good life.

In his spare time Alieu enjoys socializing and visiting his friends, watching movies, listening to music and reading

Mr Nyang - Seedlings Consultant

Mr Saikou Nyang was born and grew up in Janjanbureh, formerly known as Georgetown. He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

He is now a father of 4.

Saikou studied at The Gambia Collage, School of Education and is currently pursuing a Degree in Education at the University of The Gambia.

Eventually he would like to be a Session Educationalist by studying education up to masters level.

Saikou enjoys reading, listening to music, playing scrabble, adventures, visiting friends, swimming and watching movies.

Rosaline Cole - Teacher

Rosaline was born and grew up in Banjul with her sister and brother. She is a single lady who loves to sit and chat with people talking and advising them if there is a need.

She trained at Gambia College and enjoys reading, watching movies and singing. 

Rosaline would love to go travelling and live a happy life with her family.

Pierre Mendy - Teacher

Pierre was born and brought up in Ebo-Town, Serrekunda, The Gambia. He qualified from The Gambia College, School of Education in 2006. In the future he would like to study further at the University of Human Resource Management. This is because he completed a foundation (to Higher National Diploma)

In his spare time Pierre enjoys reading, chatting and singing. He also enjoys football, both playing and watching.

Anna Gomez - Teacher

Anna was born and brought up in Manjai Kunda (the same area as where the school is situated) has has 3 blood brothers and 2 blood sisters and did her teacher trainning at The Gambia College, School of Education.

In the future Anna would like to upgrade herself in the education field.

During her spare time Anna enjoys watching movies. She is a christian, under the catholic denomination and she enjoys worship hours more than anything.

Anna says she lives a simple life.

Modou Khan - Oustass (Islamic Teacher)

Modou is married and has one child. He was born in Pakau Njogu, has 2 brothers, 2 sisters and studied at Muslim High School up to grade 12.

In his spare time Modou enjoys reading and studying and in the future he would like to continue teaching, enabling him to take care of his family. 

Modou would like people to know that he is a practicing Muslim, has a family and is a responsible man.

Marie Gomez - Classroom assistant/Librarian

Marie was born in Kombo Dasilami, Gambia and brought up at Bakoteh Housing Estate. She is 24 years old and would like one day to be an architect. She started this course and would like to complete it.

Marie is married and has a daughter. 

In her spare time Marie likes to watch movies and read the Scriptures.

Omar Trawally - Caretaker

Omar was born and brought up in Tendaba Village. At present Omar lives on the school grounds as part of his job but has 1 brother and 8 sisters.

Omar attended Kwinella Upper Basic School and Lamin institute of Professional Studies. He has also studies with Youth Ambassadors of Peace and West African Bird Study Association.

In his spare time Omar enjoys visiting family and friends and watching the TV. In the future he would like to study more. 

When asked if there was anything else to would like to say about himself or want others to know Omar replied "Looking at my face, you see I have a poor face, but I want everyone to know that I love you all and will do anything you want me to"

Omar takes his job very seriously and is always happy to help anyone with anything that needs doing. 

Momodou Jallow - Trainee Teacher

Momodou (Mo) was born and brought up in a village called Gissadi village. He has 3 half brothers.

Mo has a son called Bob and is also taking care of his sisters children as she has passed away.

Although Mo has worked with us since we opened in 2010 he has recently started his teacher training at Gambia College and will continue to work with us once he is qualified.

He enjoys listening to music, chatting with friends and exchanging ideas.

When asked what he wanted to do with his life, Mo replied "I want to be a responsible person caring and to help children"

Sanna Kuyateh - Trainee Teacher

Sanna was born and grew up in Brikama and has a number of brothers and sisters, whom he still lives with.

He is currently studying at Gambia College and is doing his teaching practical at Seedlings Lower Basic School which he is really enjoying.

In his spare time Sanna enjoys watching movies and taking part in sports. When asked about the future he said he would like to qualify as a teacher then get married and have a family.

Modou Marena - Trainee Teacher

Modou was born and brought up in Brikama and is currently studying at Gambia College and is at Seedlings Lower Basic School as the practical part of his training.

He has 3 brothers and 5 sisters and is currently not married and has no children.

He enjoys playing football and is really enjoying his time at Seedlings School.

Modou is an excellent artist and has painted all the motifs, pictures and anthems on the outside walls of the school


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